Sunday, February 20, 2011

Windsurfer One Design Slalom & Freestyle Cup, Miami Beach, Nov 2010

The Windsurfer One Design International Slalom & Freestyle Cup was held at the Miami Yacht Club in conjunction with the 2010 Kona Windsurf World Championships.

Racing to jibe mark

The wind was light to moderate on a fast slalom course which meant the start, each tack, and each jibe were critical.

The competitors did a good job of maintaining their boat speed while rounding the jibe marks downwind.  One slip up and the competitor behind you was sure to overtake you! 

Slalom races maneuvering through slalom course with skill
Several sailors passed their competitors while rounding the marks.  It was very exciting to be in the competition and exciting to watch the competition!

Greg Johns from Australia ran the Slalom races, he started and recorded the finishes of all the Slalom heats.  THANKS GREG!!!

Slalom Results (top 5 out of 16):
1st place: Peter Jacobson, S. Africa/USA
2nd place: Bjorn Holm, Denmark
3rd place: Andrew Divola, Australia
4th place: Ted Schweitzer, USA
5th place: Stuart Gilbert, Australia

I didn't have an opportunity to take any Freestyle pictures because Greg Johns and myself were judging the Freestyle competition.... there are Freestyle photos from the event that you can view that have been posted on the Original Windsurfer FaceBook page.

Freestyle Results:
1st place: Dennis Winstanley, Australia
2nd place: Stuart Gilbert, Australia
3rd place: Taun Masterson, S. Africa/USA
4th place: Pierre Coupal, Canada
5th place: Denis Dagenais, Canada

Here's a picture of the event shirt, designed by Florencia Barletta from Miami Yacht Club. Thanks Flor for ALL your help!

And there's now a new Windsurfer One Design in Miami thanks to Tomas --who runs the Junior Program at the yacht club -- who bought a Windsurfer One Design.

I hope to make it back to Miami again!