Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Original Windsurfer Summer Regatta Series #6

Summer wrap up
This was the last regatta for the 2011 season. Thank you to everyone who supported these summer event. Those that came from out of state, down state, and those locals who decided to try an Original Windsurfer for the first time or revisit it after many years. By all the warm handshakes, hugs and smiles I feel certain everyone had a good time and came away with some improved long boarding skills.
Jon reaching towards the finish.
Photo: Dave Dalquist

Special thanks to Dave Dalquist who has an amazing talent for capturing the essence of the moment thru his photography. Dave not only sailed in almost every regatta but also managed to take bundles of photos from the Summer Series Regattas  -you can view his photos at waterholic.com

After the start, Bill & Ted heading towards windward mark.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

And thank you to the Boathouse restaurant for all the wonderful lunches this summer and keeping us well nourished throughout the regatta season. The food, the staff, you spoil us!

We held 7 races and like the previous regattas, many decided to sail without a harness even though the wind was gusting to 15 + knots.  I am not sure why most of us didn't sail with a harness. I think it may have started earlier in the season, a few regattas back when the wind was light early in the day and then began to build as we sailed into the afternoon. Some would sail to shore between races and get a harness, and some simply decided not to. I didn't think much of it at the time —to each his/her own. But as the wind got stronger there we were sailing without a harness and experiencing a feeling I can only describe as "pure".  I believe I am able to feel, read and assess the wind shifts more accurately with the uninterrupted connection of my hands on rig. I don't think this is a big revelation, but it is something that has further enhanced my enjoyment of the sport.

Ellis on his 'Original-Original', wooden booms and all.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Starts & Board Handling
After the first few starts, and with some encouragement from the race committee, the sailors improved their starts drastically!

Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
I enjoy pleasure sailing and I also enjoy keeping my skills sharp and improving them.  These regattas helped keep me tuned-up and also helped with my board handling.  I also got to meet many new friends.  

Don't be frightened by the word 'Regatta'.  If you're a beginner or haven't been on a long board in a while or maybe never been on a long board, these are casual get togethers of sailors with all levels of ability.  I hope to see you next year!

Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Photo: Dave Dalquist.
The sun was out, the wind was up, and a good time was had by all...
Update on Availability of Windsurfers:  It's been nice to say that I am SOLD OUT of Original Windsurfers the last few months, but I also feel bad to those that wanted to get one for this summer.  Boards will be available by Nov 1st and there are new sail colors!  I posted the new sail colors on FaceBook if you want to see them.

Photo: Dave Dalquist.

I never tire of jibes
The light-weight rig; the square tail, sharp rails, and low stern volume of the board; and most importantly the fin — it's not over-sized so the board actually turns. These are a few of my favorite things. And whooppie is it ever fun.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Regatta Series #4

Original Windsurfer Summer Series Regatta #4  July 30, 2011

The regatta site has a large grassy area for rigging and a beautiful sandy beach.

Original Windsurfers were supplied for all sailors along with regatta t-shirt, lunch provided by the Boathouse Restaurant, a BBQ dinner and wine supplied by J Henry Vineyards.
Randy returning to beach.

Stephen watches a sea plane take off.
The morning was calm so several people went SUPing on Original Windsurfer boards.

No harnesses, not even with 18 knot gusts.

After lunch the wind picked up to 6-9 knots and then increased to 15 knots with gusts to 18 knots!

Of course no one was taking pictures when the wind picked up because everyone was having too much fun sailing!

Randy having some fun mastering the agile Windsurfer and entering a power jibe.

The first 2 races were moderate wind and once the wind really picked up the guys in the group declined to use harnesses and decided to hang tight and go “iron-man”.
The race committee counted down to the start so everyone could improve their timing at the starts and boat handling.

Six races were held on a triangle course; a long upwind to the weather mark and 2 reaches back to start/finish line. There were some excellent swells and chop to surf on. The light weight sail makes it easy for steering to catch a wave. And the maneuverable board also helps positioning on a run or reach to catch swells.

Alison hanging on, big smile.
Leading the fleet.
By the sixth race all sailors had improved their start, upwind boat speed, tacks, jibes and mark rounding ability.

Alison at start mark
For some it was their first time on an Original Windsurfer or was their first time in 15 years. No one missed a beat. I guess it's like riding a bicycle, you never forget.

Stephen at finish line.
After the races, we had a BBQ on the beach and trophies were awarded.

Standing left to right: Randy Bass 1st place medium weights; Alison Rowe 1st place light weight; Paul Sandstrom 1st place heavy weights. Below: Dave Dalquist 3rd place medium weights; "Roscoe" and Ted Schweitzer 2nd place medium weights. Not pictured: Gary Kosch 3rd place heavy weights; Stephen Wiele 1st place B fleet/Sport fleet.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Windsurfing Ohio: Reservoir Rendezvous Regatta

For the July 16-17 weekend I loaded up my trailer with a couple Original Windsurfers and drove to New London, Ohio for the 2nd annual Reservoir Rendezvous.

I arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and immediately rigged up to sail away the road dust. There was a light breeze, the water was warm, and any fatigue from the drive quickly washed away.
riding the rail

 As I fooled around doing some freestyle I was reminded what a privilege it is to have a windsurfer, to rig up in a matter of minutes and be on the water —presto! Experiencing and interacting with a new locale.

I sailed to shore, pulled my Windsurfer onto the bank and walked a few steps to my campsite, nice.

skippers meeting

More people showed up and by Saturday morning registration there was a group of sailors, spouses and kids. 

I brought 4 Original Windsurfers and all got used, we had our own fleet. 

Winds were light with some nice puffs and wind shifts blowing thru. 

Six races were held.  Lunch and a BBQ dinner were provided (great food thank you Carl!) and campfire at sunset.

Race results are listed on MOWIND.

Coming out of a jibe, regatta site in background

more fooling around...Body Dip!
Original Windsurfers on course
Original Windsurfer Class: Robbie with son, Ted and Joel.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Original Windsurfer Regatta #2

The June 25th regatta attracted a group of beginner and seasoned sailors at beautiful Bowers Harbor in Traverse City, Northern Michigan.

Complete regatta results are listed at MOWIND.

Bill and Ted rigging up in the morning.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Mike Richmond ran race committee and after he lowered the start flag, he then provided on-the-water-commentary and lots of spirit. Thanks Mike we loved your enthusiasm!
Kathleen off to a great start!
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Six races were held on a triangle course. And the 7 sailors sailed Original Windsurfers that were provided as charter boards.
16-year-old Ellis catching the wind after jibing around the leeward mark.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

I believe it was Beverly's first time on an Original Windsurfer, she was all smiles.
Beverly approaching the finish line.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Peter and Kathleen, upwind leg.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

After lunch provided by the Boathouse restaurant, sailors head out for more races.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

The sun was warm and the water was refreshing; there's always time for some freestyle or a power jibe to cool off your feet......
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Bill and Ellis on a broad reach.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Textbook form: Hiking out, raking sail back
to point up towards windward mark.....
and no harness needed!
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

After Six starts & races everyone showed improvement on the course and at the starts...
Peter, Ellis and Bill on the start line.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Heading back to the beach after the races for a BBQ and trophy presentation.
Kathleen and Beverly coming ashore.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
And the top 3 place winners....
Left to right: Ellis 3rd place, Peter 1st place, Ted 2nd place.

Thank you to our sponsors: Boathouse restaurant, Sailsport Marine and J Henry Vineyards!
Come join us! 
The next Original Windsurfer Series is July 30th. 
Download a flyer at OriginalWindsurfer.com

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Original Windsurfer Regatta, Traverse City, Michigan

Original Windsurfer One Design Regatta, Summer Series #1

This was the first in a series of summer regattas being held on Original Windsurfers. Morning rain, cool weather and water temperatures brought a few brave souls out on Saturday, June 11th. Six sailors showed up and three sailors raced.

Three long courses were raced - and the sailors were very careful not to fall into the water!  There was a light to moderate breeze and the racers demonstrated good gentleman's strategy and tactics as they made their way around course.

Click to see Dave Dalquist's photo gallery from this regatta.

Jon and Ted setting marks before the race.
Photo by Dave Dalquist.

Original Windsurfer charter boards.
Photo by Dave Dalquist.
Regatta site in Traverse City.

View from Boathouse restaurant. Photo by Dave Dalquist.

Grosse Pointe Regatta

Patterson Park Regatta, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
The Grosse Pointe Windsurfing Club hosted this 12th annual regatta at Patterson Park on Saturday June 18th.  There was a spectator boat for those who wanted to get an up-close look at the on-the-water strategy.  There were 5 races in moderate to light wind.  This is a well run event and was well attended with some competitors coming from as far away as Toronto. For regatta report visit MOWIND.

A local sailor named Bruce decided to join me on an Original Windsurfer for the race. There was a nice breeze in the morning. Bruce hadn't been on an Original Windsurfer is many years, if ever.  After reading about it's agility and light weight rig he wanted to experience it.  The first race of the day were his first minutes on the board and he had no problems, in fact he sailed it all day!

Preparing for start.
This event has a strong One Design fleet. Nice breeze.

The Windsurfer board gliding thru the water.
Keeping the spectators entertained
Downwind leg, later in the day the wind lightened up.
Battling it out to reach windward mark.

The Friday afternoon before the race I met up with a local gal Lauren to go sailing but the wind died on us, so we ended up removing the rigs and going for a SUP instead.

Here we are goofing around while there was wind. When we launched the wind died, go figure.

The sign in the back reads, "Windsurfing Only" !
Lauren sailing to shore after wind died to remove sail rig and grab a paddle.
no wind? no problem!