Thursday, July 28, 2011

Windsurfing Ohio: Reservoir Rendezvous Regatta

For the July 16-17 weekend I loaded up my trailer with a couple Original Windsurfers and drove to New London, Ohio for the 2nd annual Reservoir Rendezvous.

I arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and immediately rigged up to sail away the road dust. There was a light breeze, the water was warm, and any fatigue from the drive quickly washed away.
riding the rail

 As I fooled around doing some freestyle I was reminded what a privilege it is to have a windsurfer, to rig up in a matter of minutes and be on the water —presto! Experiencing and interacting with a new locale.

I sailed to shore, pulled my Windsurfer onto the bank and walked a few steps to my campsite, nice.

skippers meeting

More people showed up and by Saturday morning registration there was a group of sailors, spouses and kids. 

I brought 4 Original Windsurfers and all got used, we had our own fleet. 

Winds were light with some nice puffs and wind shifts blowing thru. 

Six races were held.  Lunch and a BBQ dinner were provided (great food thank you Carl!) and campfire at sunset.

Race results are listed on MOWIND.

Coming out of a jibe, regatta site in background

more fooling around...Body Dip!
Original Windsurfers on course
Original Windsurfer Class: Robbie with son, Ted and Joel.

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Robbie said...

It has been 15 years since I realy sailed a longboard. Was thinking Obsolete but that weekend changed my mind , brought some old memories and some to follow. 6 months later my little dude Tino 4and a half now ,still talks about regatta and how he windsurfed with Dad around the course . Priceless !
Robbie and Tino