Thursday, July 28, 2011

Windsurfing Ohio: Reservoir Rendezvous Regatta

For the July 16-17 weekend I loaded up my trailer with a couple Original Windsurfers and drove to New London, Ohio for the 2nd annual Reservoir Rendezvous.

I arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and immediately rigged up to sail away the road dust. There was a light breeze, the water was warm, and any fatigue from the drive quickly washed away.
riding the rail

 As I fooled around doing some freestyle I was reminded what a privilege it is to have a windsurfer, to rig up in a matter of minutes and be on the water —presto! Experiencing and interacting with a new locale.

I sailed to shore, pulled my Windsurfer onto the bank and walked a few steps to my campsite, nice.

skippers meeting

More people showed up and by Saturday morning registration there was a group of sailors, spouses and kids. 

I brought 4 Original Windsurfers and all got used, we had our own fleet. 

Winds were light with some nice puffs and wind shifts blowing thru. 

Six races were held.  Lunch and a BBQ dinner were provided (great food thank you Carl!) and campfire at sunset.

Race results are listed on MOWIND.

Coming out of a jibe, regatta site in background

more fooling around...Body Dip!
Original Windsurfers on course
Original Windsurfer Class: Robbie with son, Ted and Joel.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Original Windsurfer Regatta #2

The June 25th regatta attracted a group of beginner and seasoned sailors at beautiful Bowers Harbor in Traverse City, Northern Michigan.

Complete regatta results are listed at MOWIND.

Bill and Ted rigging up in the morning.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Mike Richmond ran race committee and after he lowered the start flag, he then provided on-the-water-commentary and lots of spirit. Thanks Mike we loved your enthusiasm!
Kathleen off to a great start!
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Six races were held on a triangle course. And the 7 sailors sailed Original Windsurfers that were provided as charter boards.
16-year-old Ellis catching the wind after jibing around the leeward mark.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

I believe it was Beverly's first time on an Original Windsurfer, she was all smiles.
Beverly approaching the finish line.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Peter and Kathleen, upwind leg.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

After lunch provided by the Boathouse restaurant, sailors head out for more races.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

The sun was warm and the water was refreshing; there's always time for some freestyle or a power jibe to cool off your feet......
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Bill and Ellis on a broad reach.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
Textbook form: Hiking out, raking sail back
to point up towards windward mark.....
and no harness needed!
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

After Six starts & races everyone showed improvement on the course and at the starts...
Peter, Ellis and Bill on the start line.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.

Heading back to the beach after the races for a BBQ and trophy presentation.
Kathleen and Beverly coming ashore.
Photo: Dave Dalquist.
And the top 3 place winners....
Left to right: Ellis 3rd place, Peter 1st place, Ted 2nd place.

Thank you to our sponsors: Boathouse restaurant, Sailsport Marine and J Henry Vineyards!
Come join us! 
The next Original Windsurfer Series is July 30th. 
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