Friday, August 24, 2012

A Slow Summer Start

Much like a wonderful summer vacation that allows us to slow down and enjoy each moment, it's been a slow and somewhat relaxed start to the Summer Windsurfer Series.

The Original Windsurfer Regatta Series in June was cancelled and July got rained out. But a few of us did manage a nice long sail exploring the other side of the bay and sailing out to Tucker Point in a firm wind, tacking back and forth against the breeze, and then a long downwind back to shore.  It was a sporatic journey, I sailed without a harness and took every opportunity to hang off the booms and splash my body into the warm water; because there was a mild cold front blowing thru the water was warmer than the air so it felt great to do body dips or fall in and become completely submerged in the warm lake water! 

A few colorful sails on a grey day, a relaxed journey to a scenic shore, warm clear water and some companionship on the water, not a bad start to summer.

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